Study shows Teeth are Unlucky on St. Patrick's Day





On the day after St. Patrick's, there is a 77 percent spike in emergency visits to the dentist according to an article on by Eric Chemi!  And it's not just guys getting into drunken brawls.  Seems to be from accidents associated with the unsteadiness of a drunken stuper!  The data is very similar by gender.  Women (between ages 30 and 65) see a 77.4 percent increase in emergency dental visits. And men (in the same age range) see an increase of 78 percent.

The data is from Sikka which tracks dental care across the country and reports that March 18th is always in the top 10 for busiest days of the year in a dental office!

That got us curious at Powell & Tiller Dental Care and looks like we have a responsible crowd!  We do not traditionally have a spike that day!  Let's keep it that way...have fun, but be careful out there!