We are here for you if you need us!

Drs. Powell and Tiller are still coming in to the office to see patients with urgent need. W\e are available by phone or email or even Facebook Messaging to answer questions or concerns you have. You know we care about all of you and your families, if you need anything, please reach out to us.

The CDC and all our regulatory and advisory teams have reinforced that our universal precautions of sterilization and disinfection keep our team and patients safe, but while supply catches up with demand on personal protective devices for health care workers (masks, gloves, etc.), we are doing our part to limit that load with a modified schedule and limiting dental care to those of you who need it today.

We have such great patients! Everyone has been wonderful and supportive through this. Those who have needed to come in for care have been so thankful and appreciative, but that’s why we are here!

As an office we are using this rare gift of time as an opportunity for growth and education in order to serve our patients even better. We are taking classes in the very exciting area of digital smile design. We have been digital in everything from digital x-rays, digital photography, and digital scans and models, digital orthodontist and digital milling of crowns, dentures and implants. We have now invested in technology that can integrate all these technologies to digitally create smiles from the desired end result and work backward! So that we can start with your most beautiful smile and let you know what is involved in getting there! You can see photos of the end result, but we can even digitally print your end result to place over your teeth to let you see what you can expect in your own mouth. We will send more information on this later, but just thought we’d tell you we are excited to incorporate this technology and see this time as an opportunity to concentrate on it.

We are committed to your health and in the future, we will offer additional appointments and office hours to serve our patients and catch you up on your routine care and hygiene when it is appropriate to do so.

Hope to see everyone again soon, until then, stay well and we know you have time to floss!