We Are Opening up again May 4th and What we did on our "vacation."

We are excited to announce we opened to care for all our patient’s needs May 4th!
Drs. Powell & Tiller and our entire team have used this time to learn, advance and move forward as a team to care for you even better than we have before!
As always, the Health and Safety of our Patients is our Highest Priority
We have always practiced the highest levels of infection control and have been following the increased guidelines of the CDC during this outbreak as well. You will notice some additional changes to our protocol at your next appointment to help ensure that everyone stays safe as we return to routine care.
We are introducing Digital Smile Design
We committed to fully incorporating the area of Digital Smile Design into our office. There is no quick way to explain DSD, but we will try. DSD is a state-of-the-art system to create smiles in a way that dentists previously only dreamed of! It uses all of our digital technology: digital scans of your teeth (like we at Powell & Tiller were on the cutting edge of incorporating into our practice years ago), digital orthodontics (the doctors were early adopters of Invisalign as well) & digital photography & digital design of restorations such as crowns (which we incorporated fully in our office last year) & digital milling & digital printing & even digital guidance for surgeries such as implants or esthetic gum changes to design a beautiful, natural confident smile along with our patients from the desired end result backward. We design your ideal smile first, we can even digitally print a copy for you to “try on” before starting and then incorporate everything needed to get there!
More Continuity of Care by Adding a Specialist to our Team
We can’t count the number of times we have heard, “You guys can’t just do that here?” when we have referred our patients to a specialist for advanced procedures like implant placement, gum therapy, grafts, biopsies with the skills and experience of IV sedation as well. Our answer was always “There is a reason there are specialists, they have advanced training in these specific areas and we know that’s how patients receive the best care.” We still hold to that, but have added a specialist to our office who will come several Fridays per month to care for our patient’s here. We reached out to the UTHSCSA Dental School for faculty recommendations rather than just posting or looking through an agency to make sure we had someone of the caliber we would consider. The Director of the Department of Periodontics recommended Dr. Mylinh Duong. His exact words were, “I could not give a higher recommendation than I give for Mylinh. She was a fantastic resident while she was here (actually, probably the most naturally gifted surgeon I have ever taught, and I’ve been teaching for 30 years). She is compassionate, professional and, to put it simply, a wonderful person.” We have since met with her multiple times and while she practices four days a week in Dallas, she was excited to have the opportunity to “come home to Austin” a few weekends a month. Her extended family still live in Austin, while she, her husband, and their two-year-old daughter reside in Flower Mound. We could not be more excited to add her to our team and finally offer our patient’s more continuity of care than ever before!
Still finding ways to make you even more comfortable!
Yes, we did it! We added digital anesthesia to our long list of the latest in technology to provide comfort. This technology is not only more comfortable as a computer is used to slowly deliver the anesthesia, but also has the added bonus of being specific to the teeth and gums around it! You will not leave with a numb lip or tongue! Can you believe it?! You can go right back to work or out to dinner or whatever your plans were without the inconvenience of that feeling! We are also excited that we won’t have to worry about our patients accidentally biting their lip, cheek or tongue due to not being able to feel it for a few hours.
We’ve added 3D Imaging
The one piece of technology required for digital smile design that we had not already incorporated into our office that is needed for digital smile design was a Cone Beam CT. It takes 3D x-rays of your jaws and lower face to accurately calibrate your entire smile. Dr. Duong also requires these 3D images to perform surgeries, so we have purchased this technology as well.
More Hygiene Appointments to Help us all get Caught up in our Care!
We have added a new hygienist to our team. We welcome Kerri Mellot to our hygiene team. We are excited to have her and she will help us offer more cleaning appointments per week, so there won’t be a long wait to get back in and get back on track with your oral hygiene!
A Big Thank You to Our Amazing Team!
Our fabulous team has been working tirelessly these last several weeks to reschedule so many of our patients as well as getting our office in tip top shape to reopen our practice. Without their constant support all of these continued improvements would be impossible. We couldn’t ask for a better group of ladies to spend our work days with as we serve our wonderful patients!