Dr. Powell - Retired

A Love for My Patients and Their Smiles

I have loved serving the patients of Powell & Tiller Dental Care for 28 years.  I have recently retired due to issues with my vision.  It has always been our goal to provide the highest level of care and with my vision being impaired, I knew I had to step back from the detailed work of restorative dentistry.  While I truly loved doing restorative dentistry, helping patients achieve healthier and more beautiful smiles, that was only a part of what we do here.  I loved my job because it felt like I had so many jobs: a doctor who helps my patients feel better, an artist who creates beautiful smiles, a teacher who educates patients about their oral health. a therapist to help patients with dental fears and a student to continually learn and improve our care.

The best part, however, is all the friendships I've made with my patients and team along the way.  I could not have known how relational this job would be. I will miss that part the most.  I will miss seeing you all every six months or so and hearing about your lives.  

Dr. Tiller and I took time to select the person who would have the privilege of caring for my dear patients moving forward.  We were so pleased to meet such a kind and skillful dentist in Dr. Kara Diemer and she is now one more friend that this job has given me!

I am proud of the legacy I leave behind.  I am proud that our practice has embraced technology as it has improved both the comfort and quality of care we can provide our patients.  I love that I have helped raise a generation of children that are excited to go to the dentist!  Our practice has helped dental phobic adult patients learn to be comfortable when they come see us.  I am happy that for so many other patients who were just looking for a good dental practice that we exceeded their expectations.  I appreciate that they sent their friends and family and grew our practice to the place it is now.  That is always the greatest compliment! 

I don't know what my next adventure will be or where life will take me now, but I am confident that I am leaving this practice and all of you in very good hands, and I look forward to seeing it continue to exceed expectations