Our Practice

Gentle, Attentive Care Using the Latest in Digital Technology

Your smile deserves only the best, most gentle care. At Austin Family Dentistry, we deliver leading-edge treatments that improve oral health and develop amazing smiles, one person at a time.  We use digital technology at the highest level.  We use it to digitally record your current smile.  If you were to break a tooth or even lose all your teeth, we could digitally re-create exactly what you had before, even including any of your imperfections if you desire.  Or we can start here and make any improvements digitally before treatment begins.  If you don’t love your smile, we use state of the art technology to 3-D digitally transform your smile on and can show you outcomes before we start!  We can even let you test-drive your smile in temporary restorations before making the final and make any adjustments prior to fabrication.  Digital technology in dentistry is amazing and Austin Family Dentistry has invested in the technology to bring it to you!

Dr. Kara DiemerDr. Ada Tiller and our team members are compassionate and patient-centered. We want to help you achieve your goals and become your friends while doing so. We believe in forming partnerships with patients, and working together to help each person develop optimal dental health for a lifetime of beautiful, confident smiles.


A Focus on You

We’re not a high-volume dental practice. Instead, we schedule plenty of time for your visits. Our care is individualized for each of our patients individual needs.

Everything, from how often you receive X-ray images to what type of restorative care is best for you, is based on the individual and what is most appropriate for you rather than being a standard protocol for all patients. We’ll encourage you to take control of your dental health, and provide preventive care, education, and lots of support.

We’ll walk you through every step of treatment, and explain what’s recommended, how it works, and why it’s important. You need to be involved in deciding your care, so we want your input.


Your Comfort is Our Priority

We want you to feel safe and relaxed during your visits, so we pay close attention to your comfort. Our inviting reception area feels like a home: It includes a play area and treasure tower for your children. We also offer complimentary coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

Our clinical area features TVs if you’d like distraction, as well as soft blankets and cushy pillows. If you feel anxious about a procedure, we offer nitrous oxide to help you relax.


Commitment to Exceptional Care

You and your family deserve the highest quality of clinical care. You also deserve customer care that exceeds your expectations at every step. We’re here to serve and help you, and love doing so.

As a team, we promise always to:

  • Treat you with respect and compassion
  • Provide ethical, gentle treatment
  • Encourage your participation
  • Educate you about your dental health
  • Address concerns and resolve them immediately