Sealants provide your teeth with additional protection against decay and potential cavities. Occasionally, cracks and grooves within the teeth make it difficult for toothbrushes to sufficiently remove plaque. These cracks can develop into full-blown tooth decay issues if untreated.

Sealants bond and harden in cracks of the tooth surface, smoothing out the grooves and making it easier for toothbrushes to do their job. The brushing process becomes more effective, and your chances of avoiding tooth decay and cavities rise significantly.

At Austin Family Dentistry, we often use sealants on children’s new permanent teeth, as a preventative measure to avoid tooth decay. Adults are also potentially given sealants if we see the aforementioned cracks and grooves. Ask your dental hygienist about whether or not they believe sealants are required for your individual needs.

Sealants typically last over one year after placement, and sometimes much longer! Some adults may retain their sealants that they had put in as a child. This can depend on diet, brushing habits, and plenty more. If you notice sealants falling out, be sure to call Austin Family Dentistry and explain the issue!